Print / Workflow Assessments

Dive deeper toward a relevant technology recommendation – and a raving result.

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Print / Workflow Assessments

Thorough and relevant office technology recommendations based on your true business needs.

All you want is to get that printer or copier(s) replaced  pronto. The end of your thirty-six-month equipment lease can’t come soon enough. Whether you were originally involved in the office equipment selection process or are the new individual in charge, it’s clear that support responsiveness, productivity results, and product investments have not lined up with solution promises. Nor was the solution positioned to anticipate your emerging organizational needs – and that’s frustrating.  

This time around, consider letting Datamax journey with you into the print and workflow underworld to identify the underlying issues. Leveraging a multi-faceted enterprise technology assessment system known as Datamax Discovery™, Datamax can help you navigate a deeper review of the current fleet, equipment usage and workflow patterns, unmet equipment needs, and other factors that influence total cost of office technology ownership. From initial Print/Workflow Assessments to more comprehensive Print/Workflow Audits, we know that significant improvement opportunities can be identified for most organizations when it comes to leveraging their office equipment-based technology.  

Expect a positive impact on efficiency, expense, and responsiveness.

  • Better understand current printing and workflow processes to improve efficiency (The average employee’s printing costs companies $600 to $1,300 per year, with a substantial portion of that cost going to pages employees never even intended to print. Source: GreenPrint Study)
  • Increase print cost visibility, improve office equipment asset management, and bottom-line expense over the life of the agreement (“Hard, visible costs are only about 10% of the total document cost.” Source: ALL Associates Group)
  • Enjoy higher level responsiveness, resolution, and first call completion that minimizes workforce interruption and influences higher productivity (90% of ALL office equipment service calls were resolved in ONE (1) visit in for the last six months. Source: Datamax Inc.)

Prepared to navigate through the vast print/workflow underworld? Ready to develop relevant, enterprise-wide print and workflow strategies that reap measurable productivity benefits and cost-savings? It requires guidance and experience. If you’re ready for the journey, let’s visit.

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Renata, Industry: Education

“We have recently signed leases for two of our locations. At one of our location, we were existing customer switching an old copier for a new one and our other location, new customer and installing new equipment. I want to give a huge thanks to the Datamax team for a great job they all have done, from scheduling someone to measure our area to installing the new equipment. Datamax team did a great job getting everything coordinated and making the transition smooth for both locations. Everyone was nice, professional and they all have done as promised. Thank you! ”
Colby, Industry: Legal

“I would like to thank you and Datamax for providing us with office equipment to meet our needs. I really appreciate the professionalism and straight forward solutions offered by you and Datamax. The Canon copiers have been a welcome replacement to our previous printers and copiers and the installation and setup was a breeze. As a law firm and a fee office for Chicago Title we have heavy printing demands and a need for reliable, cost effective equipment. Our Canon copiers have performed quickly and efficiently and haven't missed a beat. Thank you again for all of your help and we look forward to continuing to do business with Datamax in the future.”
Penny, Industry: Non-Profit Church

“The regular maintenance has been a blessing, too. We think of it much as we do our cars' tune-ups. The preventative work done keeps the machine running smoothly. The few times that we have had to call for service, the quick response and professional manner of the technicians has been outstanding. Our partnership with Datamax has been excellent, and we look forward to the continued relationship.”
Ligia, Industry: Energy

“We have had the pleasure to work with Brian (our Business Process Consultant) at Datamax, who diligently led the transition from a previous vendor, and took care of all phases of implementation of the new fleet of machines. Brian is responsive and thorough. In addition, the transition to the Customer Service Team was smooth and their service is excellent.”