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Datamax Achieves an Unprecedented 13th Straight Canon ATSP National Service Award


Coppell, TX (April 27, 2020) — With this year's achievement of Canon Association of Technical Service Professionals (ATSP), Datamax Texas becomes the only dealership in the region to earn Canon's national recognition 13 years in a row. In addition to the Coppell office, its East Texas offices were also ATSP certified.

This award represents an important benchmark for Datamax, elevating its commitment to elite level technician training and best-in-class service for clients. Over the last five (5) years, Datamax has invested over 14,000 hours and almost $900,000 towards equipping its Service Department.

Further bolstering this recognition, Datamax certified 100 percent of all of its technical service representatives in the program, accomplishing 100 percent three (3) out of the last four (4) years.  To qualify, dealerships are required to have 75 percent of its service representatives certified within the program.

As shared by Steve Kennemer, Datamax Texas Director of Service, "This was achieved with a lot of dedication from our teams and hard work of our Service Managers. It was most rewarding for me as we had major changes this past year within our Training Department. It was very gratifying to see new people step up and take on the role and challenge. Not only did they meet the high demands we set, they also elevated their training by participating in three (3) different Service Beta programs with Canon. This demonstrated a whole lot of team work from the entire service department."

Canon's ATSP program consists of six core exams, with several modules included with each exam, along with an equipment-specific test. The job function-based exams are designed to measure both the knowledge and the demonstration of the skills required in real-world settings for a support professional against a set of standards for competency and performance.

As mentioned earlier, Datamax, once again, had 100 percent of its technicians certified.

As a further benefit to its customers, ATSP certification provides Datamax priority access to Canon's Tier 3 support, bringing in the highest level of expertise for troubleshooting and faster resolution to unique Canon equipment issues a client may face.

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