Mobile Printing Apps

Mobile Printing Apps

Keep your "workforce on the go" with mobile printing.

In the coffee shop, on the road, or at home; employees are breaking free of the constraints of the traditional office environment to work anywhere and at any time. Businesses need to keep up by providing solutions to maintain – and even increase – workforce productivity. Mobile printing is a powerful enabling tool that allows employees to securely access and print business information from any handheld device.

 Whether smartphone, tablet, or laptop (and, who knows, maybe even your watch in the future), mobile printing adds another productivity tool to the always on, work anywhere employee. Enabling applications range from manufacturer-specific apps like Canon’s Mobile Printing App to enterprise-level solutions such as uniFLOW Mobile Printing.

Regardless of which app you choose to enable mobile printing for your office, they all share similar benefits:

  • Print over WiFi directly from your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) without the hassle of print drivers or having to physically connect to your corporate network
  • Scan directly to your mobile device from your copier
  • Print directly from your mobile device and avoid potential leakage of sensitive business information by downloading to a USB stick or emailing to someone
  • Maintain confidentiality by sending and holding your documents until you’re ready to print them by using a retrieval code at the copier
  • Traveling employees who visit another company site can print directly without finding network printers, installing printer drivers, or asking for IT assistance (or emailing to a co-worker and asking them to print)

If you’re ready to empower your on-the-go employees, it’s time to check into mobile printing.

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