Temperature Screening Kiosks: A new degree of safety for your employees.

Contactless temperature screening technology helps proactively ensure your office remains safely open for business. Learn more below!

Body Temperature Pass Management & Facial Recognition


Workplace health and safety starts at your office front door.

Temperature measurement kiosks are a valuable first step in the overall plan to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses. These rapid temperature screening devices also demonstrate to employees that your business values a health and safety-conscious workplace.

Our non-contact, fully automated kiosks record temperatures in one second with a simple glance into the display, with optional facial recognition capabilities. They provide instant email alerts for abnormal temperate readings.

At A Glance:  Rapid Temperature Screening Kiosk Features

  • 8-inch IPS full-view LCD display, non-contact, fully automated kiosk version on a pedestal
  • Reads temperature in ~ 1 second
  • On screen message displays temperature reading alongside optional verbal message and LED traffic light system
  • Instant email alerts for abnormal temperature readings or individuals not wearing a mask (requires a network connection)
  • Set your own acceptable temperature thresholds
  • Optional facial recognition to recognize vetted individuals within your facial database
  • Provides remote monitoring capabilities (requires a network connection)
  • Access and export your logs to Excel

How the Temperature Kiosk works:

These non-contact Temperature Measurement Kiosks from Datamax automatically detect body temperature in seconds, with facial recognition and mask identification. This helps identify illnesses and avoid the spread of viruses right at your front door.

Help keep employees and guests safe before entry to your workplace. The following brief video will give you an idea of how the Body Temperature Kiosk works! 



Accurate body temperature detection





  • The kiosks support human body temperature detection and temperature display, with a marginal measurement error of ±0.2 °C (0.3 Meter) from close range, and ±0.5 °C from further away
  • A distance of 0.5 meters is recommended for accurate readings, with 1 meter being the longest at which temperature can be read
  • It only takes a few seconds for detection and an alarm will sound automatically when temperature abnormality is detected - at a threshold set by you

Smart, fast facial recognition



  • Industrial-grade binocular wide dynamic camera, night infrared and LED dual photo flood lamp
  • Face recognition pass speed is ~ 1 second
  • Database capacity for 30,000 faces
  • Supports recognition and comparison of faces with surgical masks on
  • The 1: 1 comparison recognition rate is more than 99.7%, the 1: N comparison recognition rate is more than 96.7% at a 0.1% misrecognition rate, and the live detection accuracy rate is 98.3% at a 1% misrejection rate

Verbal alerts and warnings



  • Built-in speakers provide verbal alerts
  • Alerts include confirmation of normal temperatures, warning for abnormal temperatures, and an optional message for requesting that individuals wear a mask if not already wearing one


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