• Document Management

    Document Management

    Consolidate, organize, and USE your business documents and content.

Document Management

Consolidate, organize, and USE your business documents and content.

Document Management. It’s the difference between copying a record 40 times and scanning it into the computer system once. It’s making four trips across the building to retrieve a file versus accessing from your desk. It’s the key to a more streamlined document workflow distinguished by efficient information capture/retrieval, cost-effective distribution, and information security. In our “got to have it right now” business world, unmanaged and inaccessible documents simply won’t cut it. Here are some stats to consider:

  • EDI Group, Ltd. estimates a $1-5 savings per document after implementation of a Document Management system
  • Gartner, Inc. estimates a 40% document-related cost reduction with Document Management systems
  • Laserfiche estimates a 20% time savings based on filing and retrieval efficiencies, eliminating misfiling and workflow efficiencies. Increased efficiency, as well as greater staff productivity, can save up to 6,000 hours annually, or 2.4 full-time staff positions
  • An IDC study has shown a five-year return on investment (ROI) of 404% for Document Management implementations. Half of the organizations in their study had a payback as early as six months

Take a look at any organization and not only will you find an overabundance of unmanaged paper documents, but also emails, faxes, computer files, Web content, and images scattered amongst departments. As the volume and complexity of this data increases over time, efforts to find critical business information become cumbersome, time-consuming, and costly. Sometimes, you can't find the document at all. Enterprising companies realize that to thrive, critical content and disparate process technologies must come together—unifying information across the enterprise to promote collaboration, workflow automation, regulatory compliance, and cost-optimization.

Benefits you can expect:

  • Connect employees to the information they need—when they need it—to make better decisions, quickly respond to changing business needs and work more productively
  • Directly integrate with employee’s desktops to automatically capture and standardize electronic content
  • Enforce and automate a common set of compliance and retention policies for all documents and content across your organization
  • Securely transfer information to comply with the legal obligations and governmental regulations
  • Help IT slash training and maintenance costs, save time and effort, and focus on higher business priorities
  • Decrease storage costs as you transition from paper to electronic document management

Explore our website to learn how a Datamax DocCare project engagement can help ease collaboration, promote automation, simplify compliance, and decrease costs within your organization.  

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Angela, Industry: Healthcare

“Our company truly made the right choice selecting Datamax to implement our document management system. They jumped in with both feet to set our company up with the necessary tools to launch this project. Datamax has been by our side since that time to offer support and ensure we have the latest upgrades. Richard's (our Technology Consultant) ability to troubleshoot certain issues we have is invaluable.”
Tami, Industry: Government

“Our office recently embarked on a journey to implement document management in our Finance and Human Resources departments. Implementing a new system is never an easy task and there were so many unknown variables; at least to us! However, Scott (our Technology Consultant) remained calm and patient throughout the hours of planning the Laserfiche system to suit our needs. Additionally, we were all impressed with his expertise in the Laserfiche products and his ability to explain the system in layman terms to bring us all to an acceptable level of comfort with the product. Scott has made it a pleasure to do business with Datamax."
Penny, Industry: Non-Profit Church

“Not only did he repair the issue, he was proactive in helping us to find a more efficient way to scan our documents to our desktops. Our IT person had set a rather cumbersome path due to using google mail. (I believe that was the reasoning) Shawn (our Technical Representative) saw those posted directions and sought me out to explain an easier method. Wow, what a relief to now have this in place. This is certainly one of the reasons that I have been so pleased with the church's relationship with Datamax these many years. Thank you again for your company's commitment to customer service”