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    There's light at the end of the tunnel—where advanced workflow solutions are helping the
    transportation industry operate more safely, more timely and more profitably.


There's light at the end of the tunnel—where advanced workflow solutions are helping the transportation industry operate more safely, more timely and more profitably.

The transportation/logistics industry is driven by a host of new challenges from the communication-crazed, hyper-impatient world today.  Such pressure is forcing higher quality reporting and tracking systems (minute-by-minute), improved cost efficiencies (based on razor-thin margins), and precise/timely delivery responsiveness that's pushing capacity limits.    “Time is money” is a reality that rules the day for most transportation industry executives.

Some good news.  Solid advances in business technology are permeating the transportation/logistics arena today.  Capturing, storing, and distributing valuable information in real-time (no matter the location) is one example where technology is providing some much-needed light at the end of the tunnel. 

Datamax can orchestrate technology solutions that help your Transportation/Logistics Company

  • Eliminate time-consuming data entry processes through easy-to-use enhanced document and imaging workflow solutions
  • Scan and capture all inbound shipping documents and easily share with internal employees as well as external entities like customers and customs agencies
  • Quickly route bills of lading, proof of deliveries, invoices, air waybills, air cargo manifests, freight bills, to SharePoint, Google Mail, Outlook or other shared repositories directly from MFP control panels
  • Improve supply chain decision-making and support with complete access to distribution-related documents – all accessible in real-time
  • Deploy enhanced network security to prevent unintended access or loss of information from customer files and transportation database systems

Transportation/Logistics companies Go Vertical with Datamax for efficient workflow, faster communication, and an improved bottom line.

So consider Datamax—our advanced document capture, storage and distribution workflows are helping enhance transportation freight storage and distribution performance!

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Steve, Industry: Transportation

“Working with Datamax has provided us with ways of saving time and resources with their Managed Print Services. After completing an honest assessment of my printing environment, Brendan (our Business Process Consultant), has found a way to save us time and money. I no longer need to worry about running out of printing supplies, print usage or expiring maintenance contracts; Datamax handles it all remotely!”
Terri, Industry: Transportation

“I would like to commend both you and your company for your excellent service, both before and after the sale. So many companies focus on making the sale, then let the "other" guys take over, often leaving the client with the feeling of being abandoned. Not Datamax! I can honestly say that we have received the same high caliber of service after we had made our purchase. You've personally rescued us on many occasions, even though the "breakdown" was on our end. You are always available and are willing to help us resolve any issues that we might have, even though it may not be your responsibility.

I would highly recommend Datamax and your team to any prospective client. You have continued to demonstrate to me that you value us as a client. Datamax is my "security blanket" and in these times that means a great deal to me. Please offer my congratulations to your staff and the wonderful people in your service department for a job well done!!”
Jay, Industry: Transportation

“We have been extremely satisfied with the services and equipment that have been provided by Datamax for a few years now.  Gina (our Technology Representative) has been very helpful by addressing our last minute needs on numerous occasions! The response time that we have received, as well as the overall customer service, has been very helpful to us. There has been more than one occasion to where we have required last-minute binders or color documents put together and Datamax has always been able to meet our required deadlines. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Datamax for both our equipment and document needs!”