Linda Narcho
Linda Narcho

Area Sales Manager

Why Datamax? While new business development is always a key focus for any Sales Manager, service is the backbone of all successful companies in our industry and the level of service Datamax provides is truly unmatched. 

Days at Datamax:

About Linda

Linda moved to Texas to begin her career in the Travel industry in 1993.  After completing certifications as a Travel Specialist, she quickly jumped on the opportunity to move from a small town in VA to the “Big D”.  Always adventurous, Linda had never been to Texas, but decided it was an ideal place to begin her professional career.  Following 15 years in Travel and ultimately working her way to Vice President of Operations, a career change was in order as eventually, all the travel is just not so glamorous.

Prior to Datamax, Linda began her new career at Nevill where she started as an Account Manager.  Following almost two years there, Linda transitioned to Imagetek to get back into management.  After much success and 6 years at Imagetek, Linda began at Datamax in May 2017 as the Area Sales Manager for the Fort Worth team.

Home Town: Clifton Forge, VA (better you’ve never heard of it!)

Free Time:  Baseball, Reading and Painting

Raving Fan of:  University of Texas Longhorns but most especially part of the “Brew Crew” as her son was a first round draft pick out of High School for the Milwaukee Brewers in 2017.

Something Bigger:  Supports DatamaxCares 

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