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    Be our guest as our solutions enable you to delight your patrons.


Be our guest as our solutions enable you to delight your patrons.

You’re worried about shrinking margins and competition for customer loyalty is fierce. You need to maximize your revenue by booking every table and room you can. The less time you have to spend managing and worrying about your IT infrastructure, the more time you can devote to improving your customers’ experience (and technology can help there too). In-person or online, your customers’ experience can be enhanced with targeted technology investments – or you could see loyalty walk out the door and across the street to a different hotel, restaurant, or casino. What are you going to do?

Datamax can orchestrate technology solutions that help your Hospitality Business:

  • Provide business tools and technology so that business travelers can work effectively at your properties - attracting corporate clients
  • Improve colorful in-house marketing materials to increase room and event bookings
  • Enhance customer service with instant access to customer information - and the opportunity to provide customer self-service
  • Protect the private information of your many guests by securing every
    endpoint with a multi-layered cybersecurity strategy
  • Decrease shipping and courier costs with automated document distribution

Hospitality companies Go Vertical with Datamax with efficient workflow, faster communication, and an improved bottom line.

Faster, more effective customer service, improved insight into customer trend data, and a connected back-end business process are all possible with today’s technology. Let’s talk.

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Sherry, Industry: Hospitality

“Our company has been extremely satisfied with the business we have conducted with Datamax over the past eight years. Datamax has assisted us with changing needs and growth within our business and provided exceptional levels of service with our printers and copiers. A special thanks goes to Justin (our Business Process Consultant) who has never failed to take excellent care of us throughout the years. Datamax continues to successfully manage our specific needs with great attention and professionalism. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Datamax in the future and would recommend them to anyone in the market for their products or solutions.”
David, Industry: Hospitality

“Datamax has been a trusted business partner for many years. Brad (our Business Process Consultant) and the entire staff are always very helpful and attentive. Any issues that arise they are always there to take care of. When our leases are up for renewal we are notified, options are presented, and new leases drawn up in a timely manner usually with costs savings associated. We really appreciate everything you guys do for us.”