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    Improve constituent service—and self-service.


Improve constituent service—and self-service.

State and local governments (and other government agencies) are constantly tasked to do more with less. You can’t deliver the top-notch public service that’s your goal without technology. No matter how hard you and your fellow public servants work, you need a solid IT infrastructure to be able to scale and truly be able to accomplish more with less. Automated business processes allow citizen self-service, lowering costs and improving communication even with a smaller budget and staff.

Datamax can orchestrate technology solutions that help your City or State Government

  • Provide online access to public records, meeting agendas and minutes, and other public documents
  • Enable information sharing to officers and public safety officials in the field to react to threats faster
  • Reduce expense and increase efficiency by eliminating manual, paper-based workflows with workflow and forms processing automation
  • Secure government records with DoD 5015.2-Certified records management.
  • Protect sensitive employee information (SSNs, HR Records, etc.)
    with a multi-layered, Managed IT Services engagement.
  • Save on printing costs (and maintenance) with managed print services and the right mix of digital copiers and printers.

State and local governments (and governmental agencies) Go Vertical with Datamax with efficient workflow, faster communication, and an improved bottom line.

Workflow management, enhanced privacy and security, the ability to print on demand (and monitor print and copy output), and more can all lead to improved information management WITH reduced costs. Let’s talk.

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Brian, Industry: Government

“I wanted to take a moment to compliment the support desk technicians. As you’re aware since COVID-19 began, the IT world became a high priority for everyone, especially government entities like us that weren't really prepared for a pandemic on multiple fronts. I’ve been working a lot with Faraz lately, as well as Patsy, Kenneth and Neal, on multiple tickets for some projects to help us respond to the technical challenges of the pandemic and remote working. This team has been an absolute pleasure to work with, they provide extremely effective communications about what we’re working on, and excellent response times on our tickets. As Lee and Richard will you tell you, I have a history of not giving 5 star tickets in the past for some valid reasons, mainly being I always believe everyone can use some improvement but I have changed that over the last year or so after understanding how the ticket ratings work. So if I was able to give above 5 stars for once, your support desk team deserves a 6 out of 5 for going above and beyond during the pandemic. We greatly appreciate yalls support during this challenging time, so we owe you a big thank you!”
Mary, Industry: Government

“Below is a list of attributes Jason (our Technology Consultant) brings to the City each week he is onsite: a) Has a thorough knowledge of the City's network, b) Is aggressive in troubleshooting and getting answers to questions related to outstanding network issues, c) Very interested and involved in project planning and support, d) Always finding ways of making our network work more efficiently and adheres to "best practices" recommendations by industry standards, and e) Always concerned about security vulnerabilities from both inside and outside the network. Jason is professional, diligent, and well received by our employees. He represents himself and Datamax in a positive manner. Our city appreciates Datamax and the entire support team for the services it provides.”
Linda, Industry: Government

“It is not always that you find someone who truly loves their job and goes the extra mile to ensure that their customers are taken care of. Quandre (our Technical Representative) has displayed a can-do attitude since he started servicing our copier and we appreciate his attitude. Upon arrival to our office, Quandre always displays a smile, greets everyone by name and ensures that our copier is working properly to the best of his abilities. Even when Quandre is not called to service our copier, he takes it upon himself to stop in just to ensure that our copier is working properly and to see if we need anything else from him. That shows that he takes his job seriously and puts his customer first. We would like to simply say thank you to Quandre for a job well done and share in our thoughts about what a wonderful employee that you have on your staff.”