eBook: Print Management is Good News for K-12!

Our eBook "K-12 Print Management: 12 Relevant Capabilities and Cost-Saving Controls" was created with Superintendents, IT Directors, and Accounting in mind. Download it below!


Manage Necessary Print. Maximize Necessary Budgets.

Whether your priority lies in managing your print fleet, or maximizing the value of your available budget, introducing proper print capabilities and controls into your school(s) is good news for cutting costs and elevating educational initiatives. A few things we'll explore in this eBook:

For Superintendents and Accounting Departments:

  • Reduce unnecessary printing,
  • Ensure cost tracking & control by user/department,
  • Bill back printing to users or grades,
  • Receive automated management analytics reporting, and ultimately
  • Lower overall school/campus print expense!

For IT Directors and Support Teams:

  • Set up secure remote printing for users and guests,
  • Deploy flexible user authentication at print devices,
  • Leverage automated device monitoring, alerts & reporting, and
  • Enjoy simplified universal print driver management.

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