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Pain Management for Corporate Print Managers:

10 Warning Signs Your Technology Provider Hasn’t Earned Partnership Status.

ebook_thumbnail_dkap_10_pain_pointsProvider? Partner? What's the Big Difference? 

A provider merely delivers products and services. A partner aligns these deliverables with your corporate goals and objectives in mind.

Your organization's print-related investment with outside vendors is too large not to reap the benefits of an established partnership. This means working with an entity that proactively manages service needs, communicates the reasoning and actual execution of initiatives, and remains flexible in coordinating customized technology game plans specific to your business. The 10 Warning Signs Your Technology Provider Hasn't Earned Partnership Status eBook will help you identify your current print fleet pain points... and how to manage them!

For instance, in your current print environment, do you:

  • Waste valuable time auditing and correcting invoices?
  • Carry the burden of requesting service on your devices? 
  • Wait in vain for your next comprehensive account review?
  • Wonder what the technology game plan really is for your fleet?
  • Avoid changing vendors simply because of the internal anxiety it will cause?
Provider? or Partner? Download our eBook to see how your current vendor stacks up!