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HIPAA Compliance, Copiers, and Document Management – What Healthcare Providers Need to Know

HIPAA compliance isn't optional. The ideas in the resources below will help you meet your compliance obligations.

All of you in the healthcare industry know better than I how important HIPAA compliance is. The regulation ensures patient confidentiality and compliance ensures you avoid penalties, fines, and public embarrassment.

Compliance with any regulation is a tedious, detail-oriented task in which the smallest mistake can land you in big trouble.

Don't make compliance harder than it has to be.

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Accurate Color: No Longer a Balancing Act with G7

When you need perfect color, Canon imagePRESS digital color presses are G7 certified.

As a marketer, executing a campaign is like walking a tightrope – you can lean a little to one side for balance, but at some point, you have to lean the other way to stay on the rope. And, like the color consistency across a campaign that might include digital and offset print, sometimes printed from completely different geographic areas, there is little room for error if you have a brand to protect.

Canon's imagePRESS devices can help you protect your brand. Certified as compliant with G7, imagePRESS digital color presses will ensure continuity of color in your printed materials.

“What is G7 and how can it benefit my business,” you ask? Keep on reading.

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We Might Not Be the Lowest Cost Copier

If cost is your only consideration when buying a copier, you're probably hurting your business.

How much does a copier cost? Where can I buy a color laser printer? What's the cheaper copier near me? Cost and price often dominate how businesses think about their office equipment – how can I pay the least amount possible?

While being fiscally prudent is always a good idea, focusing on price – and ONLY price – gets businesses into trouble. 

Value is more important.

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