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The Datamax Thanksgiving Gratitude Challenge

“Gratitude shifts your focus from what your life lacks to the abundance that is already present.” – Marelisa Fábrega

Thank you.

Two small words that mean so much.

As Thanksgiving is in two days, all of us here at Datamax are thankful to all of our Raving Fans. Even if you're not a Raving Fan (yet), but a regular reader of our blog – Thank you.

We are grateful for the many blessings we have. We're grateful for the trust all of our customers place in us to support your businesses.

They're just two simple words, but, from the bottom of our hearts: Thank you!

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Want to Be HIPAA-compliant? Include Your Digital Copiers in Your Strategy

HIPAA was passed 20 years ago this year. It's only in the past two years that guidance on digital copiers and other office equipment has been included within the regulation.

Both the risk and the cost of data breaches in the healthcare industry are going up. Technological advances are providing valuable case-wide "interoperability" while also creating much higher risks of losses and breaches. Evolving healthcare information security regulations are creating duties for a broader scope of healthcare enterprises. At the center of the two are the health IT experts who must ensure both document security and easy accessibility by authorized users while protecting against an expanding and deepening pool of technological threats. Some of those threats are surprising:

One takes the shape of the innocuous office copier.

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Private and Secure Printing With Pull Printing

If you need to print confidential documents securely, pull printing can be your answer.

How often have you walked past a copier or printer's output tray and cringed to notice a confidential document sitting in plain view there?

When your business deals daily with documents that contain confidential or protected personal information (like law offices and medical professionals who need to be HIPAA compliant), you need a way to keep the documents that you need to print secure. Pull printing (often called follow me printing or secure print release) is one way to ensure that only the right people have access to those documents. 

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The Cheapest Copier Isn't Always the Cheapest Copier

You could end up spending more and have productivity suffer in your business if you always opt for the cheapest copier you can find.

We're all price-sensitive as we try to meet our budgets (personally or in business) – what's the best deal? Where can I get it cheaper? Is this a good price?

Too many people think that they'll save money going with the cheapest copier that they “think” might match their needs.

Sometimes, these folks even get lucky and are right (even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then); experiencing years of reliable service from the cheapest copier they could find. 

In my experience, that's the exception.

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