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Crystal Clear Communication: THE Key to Successful Copier Service

Clear communications sets expectations, leads to successful projects, and improved financial performance. Here's our communication strategy.

So you’ve bought/leased a fleet of copiers or you’ve just signed on for a managed print services contract. What now? 

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Copier Security in a Healthcare Environment: Biometrics and HID Cards

You have to include your copier in your HIPAA-compliance planning. Biometrics and HID cards can be used to reduce risk of information going astray.

Twenty years have passed since the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) became federal law. By now, you are probably familiar with HIPAA's requirements to protect your patients' health information and have implemented various security measures to keep that data private. But there's one area you might have overlooked in your risk analysis: the copy machine. Learn about the possible security risks posed by your office copier and ways to minimize those risks.

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Variable Data Printing is Getting Very Personal

When asked to prioritize one capability that will be most important to marketing in the future, one-third of marketers answered: "personalization." – Source

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is not a new concept. The use of the term dates back to 1969 when coined by Frank Romano, Professor Emeritus, School of Print Media, at the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology. Though not new, VDP is very much evolving in the exploding world of content marketing and big data. This blog provides a glimpse into this evolution and offers five personalization ideas that will help your organization maximize its return on impression with VDP.

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How to Use Your MFP/Copier for Bates Stamping

Bates Stamping can be as easy as pushing the “copy” button on your copier.

In the past, people who wanted to conduct Bates Stamping on their legal documents had to download extra software or purchase an expensive piece of equipment to do the job.

Today, however, it's as easy as walking to your copier. A dream come true for the legal industry, this revolution in Bates Stamping makes the process easier and more accessible than ever before.

Read on to learn more.

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HIPAA and Cloud Compliance

You can use a cloud service AND remain HIPAA compliant.

You have a lot of your mind when you roll into work. You're at least partly responsible for the paperwork in your medical practice – patients' personal information, records, and other documents need to be stored safely and securely. To make your life (and all that paperwork) easier, you'd love to take advantage of the latest technology. However, HIPAA regulations make you think twice before considering cost-effective solutions such as those using the cloud.

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Legal IT Spending – ILTA Research Shows How Firms Are Using Technology

Smart law firms are using IT to improve their businesses. REALLY smart law firms can outsource at least parts of the IT needs.

Are you getting the most out of your technology spending? Does your Legal IT (including your copiers and printers) help you meet your business needs? Or, like for many law firms (and other companies), does your IT not quite get everything done for you. 

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