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7 Essential Things You Need to Do to Be HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA compliance is a must for every healthcare provider. Here are the seven essential things that must be covered.

While you may think that the actual physicians and licensed medical practitioners are responsible for HIPAA compliance, office managers must also guard confidential medical information. Not only must office managers make sure that protected health information isn't accidentally disclosed, but they must also work to protect it from theft.

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9 Tips to Ensure Your Copiers Are HIPAA Compliant

If someone is selling you a HIPAA-compliant copier; they're lying to you.

You can include your multifunction copiers in your HIPAA compliance efforts (and you must!), but there is no such thing as an out-of-the-box, HIPAA-compliant copier. 

I've seen a few unscrupulous dealerships say that they sell compliant copiers. That's misleading, as it gives the impression that your compliance challenges can be met with a simple purchase. It's the policies and procedures your office must develop and follow when it comes to patient information – including the information that passes through your copiers – that will make you HIPAA-compliant.

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Keeping Score: Evaluating the Technology Infrastructure Within Your Business

Establishing quantifiable, standardized benchmarks which are then scored will allow senior business executives to begin assessing, and managing, their technology infrastructure as a whole.

Working with small and medium-sized businesses and helping manage their technology is as challenging as it is rewarding. Although every business is different, there are aspects common to all. For example, the business of an architect is different than a CPA, yet each must communicate, each must meet payroll, and each must be able to manage finances.

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Copier Service – Everyone’s Talking the Talk, But Who’s Walking the Walk?

A simple question will help you zero in on organizations that “Walk the Walk.”

Have you ever heard a potential new vendor say they have the best service? Maybe a better question is when haven’t you heard a vendor say they have the best service. In this competitive environment how can you protect your company from over promising and under delivering providers?

You’re not alone.

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