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Copiers and Document Scanning in Your Doctor's Office

The value to every business of paper-free processes in a single chart.

Patient records need to easily accessible and secure for all businesses in the healthcare industry. From the largest hospital to the smallest single physician office; doctors, nurses, and everyone involved in a patient's care needs quick access to their information.

At the same time, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and the HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economical and Clinical Health) Act are regulatory guidelines that dictate the protection of patient information.

Paper is not the fastest way to share information; nor is it inherently secure (paper records can be lost/misplaced, stolen, or even copied to use in identity theft).

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The Partnership Review — Account Management Is Not Part Time.

A Partnership Review is not just tactical; it's strategic.

Account Review, Quarterly Business Review (QBR), Business Review Meeting, Executive Business Review, or the periodic “Let’s Do Lunch” Corporate Schmooze; the practice of ongoing customer relationship management takes on many names, many meanings, and many forms — provided it happens at all. 

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4 Ways Document Management Can Benefit Your Medical Practice

Your medical practice is also a business. Don’t forget to ensure your back-office processes are healthy.

While your goal as a provider of healthcare services (primary care to dermatology and anything in between) is to help your patients; you’re also operating a business. Like any business, you need to cost-effectively manage your back-office processes. While getting your patient information under control is important (read our post on 7 features you need to look for in an EHR), managing your business documents is equally important.

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Photocopiers and the Dodo Bird

If you’re calling it a photocopier, you could be overlooking productivity possibilities of your law firm's multifunction copier.

MFPs. MFDs. Copiers. Digital copiers. All in one devices.

Photocopiers don’t exist any longer.

Well, let me restate that – no one is making photocopiers any longer. All copiers made today are digital copiers. If you go to a library or college, you might still encounter a photocopier.

Why am I talking about this? Why does it matter?

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Your Electronic Health Record System: Seven Features You Need

7 features to look for in your next – or first – electronic health record system.

This right electronic health record (EHR) system can benefit both your medical office and your patients. That's because this type of system keeps patients' health information in digital format and therefore easily accessible by authorized medical professionals, which is especially helpful for patients being treated by multiple doctors at different offices. Considering the convenience of an EHR -- along with available incentive payments -- it's easy to see why about 59% of medical providers now use one. But more than half of those providers have reported being unhappy with their EHR system. If you want a better chance at EHR satisfaction, make sure the system you choose has the following features.

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uniFLOW Secure Print Management — Online and On Cloud Nine.

uniFLOW Online (SaaS) provides the benefits of device authentication, secure follow me printing, secure mobile printing, full cost control with online reporting, and more — right from the cloud.

For many organizations, printing continues to be an enormous cost issue that remains entirely untracked and uncontrolled.  Pretty amazing since managing print output has been such a hot topic for so long.  Well, consider granting us an indulgence (and a bit of your precious time) and give us another try with another approach.

We believe finding a solution that provides practical insight into your print environment is essential. 

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Electronic Medical Record (EMR) And Electronic Health Record (EHR): What’s the Difference

EMRs and EHRs both help manage patient information; but they aren’t the same.

As a healthcare provider – doctors’ office, medical clinic, critical care facility, etc. – you’ve got a lot of paperwork to manage. Insurance forms, explanation of benefits, and, of course, patient records. We keep coming across electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical records (EMR) as we speak to our customers and potential customers.

Some people use the terms interchangeably, kind of like they use "health" and "medical" as synonyms. However, there are some major differences

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Buying or Leasing Copiers – The Local “Farmers’ Market” Advantage

Buying a copier locally will likely be a better fit and provide better service for your business.

What’s not to like about visiting a local farmers’ market and buying produce fresh out of the ground or off the vine? Not only does it taste great; the feeling of supporting the local community is nice too.

Supporting your neighbors down the street or the people you see in church on a Sunday is a good feeling.

Buying copiers is, a little, like buying vegetables from a farmers’ market versus going to a grocery chain. The freshness, service, and local support are hard to match.

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Are Your Digital Copiers Putting Your Practice at Risk for HIPAA Non-Compliance?

Healthcare providers need to know that protected health information could be stored in their copiers – and accessible to hacking.

Digital copiers are essential components of modern doctors' offices. They enable you to improve your communication, increase your productivity and save money. Despite these benefits, copiers are a potential source of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) privacy and security risks.

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