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Why Heathcare Providers Can’t Be Flippant Regarding HIPAA Compliance

What we also hear is that not everyone is entirely clear on the ramifications of HIPAA non-compliance. 

In 1996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) established significant requirements to safeguard the health information of patients.  These requirements dictate the when, how, and with whom as it relates to the sharing of Protected Health Information (PHI).

Based on what we see and hear in the Document Management and Document Workflow arena, Healthcare Providers are quite focused on the application of HIPAA guidelines within their practices and clinics today. 

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An Automated Accounts Payable Process

Account payable’s repetitive, time-consuming tasks can be streamlined by removing paper, electronically capturing the documents, converting them into images, analyzing their content, and creating workflows to automatically route for review and action.

When it comes to accounts payable (AP), most organizations receive invoices from a number of digital channels (mail, fax, email, electronic data interchange - EDI, etc.), but the overwhelming majority of them are paper documents.

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Technology, IT Projects, and the Secret Sauce

While here at Datamax we don’t believe there’s a secret sauce, we do believe in technology and think there are a few key “ingredients” that are critical to our clients’ achieving success.

IT projects don’t fail because of the information technology – and if they do it’s rare. Most IT projects fail when a company thinks they’ve found some sort of “secret sauce” of technology; as if ineffective business processes are going to magically be fixed or improved and employees will immediately be able to adapt and use the new tools. On the contrary, research from the Project Management Institute shows that changing mindsets and attitudes is viewed as the greatest barrier to new project success by 58% of people. 

There aren’t many shortcuts in life, especially when it comes to changing attitudes (those of us with stubborn children can relate).

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Transforming Manual Document Processes: The Latest News From Laserfiche


Laserfiche 10 could be the software platform you need to manage documents and automate business processes.

One of the best providers of document management (and workflow and capture) software, Laserfiche, has launched the latest version of its flagship product: Laserfiche 10. IT analyst and market research company IDC wrote an analysis report on the new release. 

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10 Questions to Ask About Your Document Workflow

Find out if your document workflow is wasting your time – ask yourself these 10 questions.

It’s important to get documents to the right people at the right time – decisions can be made and invoices get paid. However, moving them through the office smoothly isn’t always the easiest task.

It’s easy for documents to wander off and when paper documents are placed on someone’s desk, there’s a good chance those documents will quickly end up at the bottom of a pile of paperwork (never to be seen again).

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