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Choose the Right Copier For Your Business

Stop looking for “the best” copier and start looking for the copier that best fits what your business processes need.

When it comes to a copier for your business, there is no one size fits all. 

So, if you’ve been searching for “the best” copier, you can stop – because it doesn’t exist. 

The best copier for YOUR business however, does.

Your office equipment is kind of like a car. For you and your family, you may need a vehicle that has plenty of seating and space, is rated high in safety, is comfortable, but still nice to look at. But your neighbor – who has a long commute to work – may need a vehicle that’s extremely dependable and gets great gas mileage. 

You each have your own individual needs.

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Shocking News! Employees Don't Know How to Use a Copier

Copiers are intricate machines. Training helps to ensure that employees maximize the capabilities and cost-savings they bring to your business.

Of course everyone in your office knows how to use the copier. 

Well, not quite. If you mean they know how to copy a document or print from the copier or printer, then yeah, sure.


  • Do they know that the copier has apps that make it easier to print and to receive scanned documents (among other apps – specifics vary by manufacturer)? 
  • Do they understand the print rules and that they’re in place to save money and improve processes? 
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Protect Your Law Firm’s Information With Security Awareness Training

You and your co-workers are the first line of defense when it comes to information security. A security awareness training program will help to stop data leaks.

You’ll rarely see a lawyer sweat. But if you want to, just mumble the term “data breach.”

Hackers are targeting law firms. This probably isn’t new news to you – the FBI has been giving this warning since 2009. And law firms keeping their data secure is becoming increasingly top of mind. What can firms do to keep themselves from being another cyber victim? 

Security awareness training is quickly becoming law firms’ go-to method of adding that extra, needed layer of security to their data, with 49% of firms having security awareness training programs in place – and for law firms with more than 350 attorneys, that number increases to 86%.

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The Value of PDF for Legal Document Workflow

For sharing and storing electronic files in a law office, PDF is often your best file format choice.

In the legal industry, in order for a document to be admissible in court it must be in a format that cannot be altered without leaving an electronic trail.

Though there are quite a few file format options (TIFF, JPEG, or GIF) that are unalterable without also creating an electronic trail. Print documents can be scanned and saved to these formats. Born digital documents can be saved to these file formats. But there is one option that is the most economical and practical – PDF. 

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Copier Uptime: 9 Steps to Keep Your Office Up and Running

Copiers break and need to be repaired. Here are 9 ways we ensure maximum uptime for your copiers and other office equipment.

When we buy equipment – whether it’s personally or for business – we all just assume it’s just going to work.

But should we?

Take cycling for example; a cyclist doesn’t just hop on their bike and cross their fingers that the ride goes smoothly. They make sure they have the correct air pressure in their tires, they oil their chain, run through their gears to make sure they’re switching correctly, and then bring along a spare tube for their tire (just in case) and THEN they head out for their ride.

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You’re Wasting Time Managing Office Equipment – Here’s How

Managing copiers can suck a lot of time from your day. Did you know existing functionality on your copier can help with that?

Happy Monday! You walk into the office and immediately have to troubleshoot because an unscheduled firmware upgrade decided to play havoc on your users’ copier connections in the office. Aren’t Mondays already hard enough?

You know how it feels to clean your house? How great it feels once you finish and you know it’s something that has to be done, but no one (other than Martha Stewart maybe) actually enjoys doing it?

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Free Yourself From Managing Your Copiers (and Printers)

Rather than guessing at your document output and printing needs, your managed service partner will identify the right mix of office equipment to meet your ACTUAL printing and output needs.

Managed Print Services in a nutshell:

You pay for a set number of prints and copies per month (and a pre-determined fee for anything over that set number) from equipment managed by your partner. 

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4 Ways Digital Legal Document Management and Workflow Helps Law Firms

Reduce costs, enhance security, better efficiency, and improved customer service are 4 well-documented benefits of electronic workflows.

A typical law firm processes thousands of physical documents every year, anything from pleadings, motions, contracts, wills, trusts, evidence files, leases, deposition transcripts, etc. 

The majority of those paper documents and that information are handled through manual processes – inefficient legal manual processes.

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