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Did You Know: Mobile Print Via Your Multifunction Copier Boosts Productivity

According to research from InfoTrends, the biggest hurdle to printing from mobile devices is “technical connectivity problems to the printer.”

The majority of office workers don’t print from their mobile devices because they don’t think it’s an option.

What if that weren’t a problem? Well, it’s not. “There’s an app for that” is a pretty common phrase these days and in this case is true – there’s an app for printing from smartphones.

For personal printing at home there is a quick caveat

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Cut Paper Costs and 3 Other Common Business Challenges Solved

To remain competitive businesses need to harness technology to solve their everyday challenges.

Though technology won’t solve ALL of your business problems, you might be surprised by the amount of heavy lifting it can do for you – this is especially true in a document-intensive industries, such as legal. And, with all the time you’ll gain with the help of technology, you can concentrate on one of those other tasks you’ve been juggling.

Here’s a list of common business challenges – and potential solutions to those challenges – that can make a difference in your office.

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Did You Know: You Can Scan Directly to Email

Save time and a walk back to your computer, scan a document and share via email directly from your copier.

We may all live in a digital world but, even so, at some point you’ll receive physical pieces of paper and need to send them to someone electronically.

Accomplishing this always seems to involve a small amount of irritation. For whatever reason those few extra steps tend to make the process seem daunting (even when it’s really not).

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Successful IT – Fire Yourself and Hire Managed Network Services

Managed network services is more challenging than most people think it is. You know that though, don’t you?

Well guess what? You’re fired!

And thank goodness for it! There are a few truisms in life, and I believe one of them is that no matter how easy something may appear on the surface; it’s almost always at least twice as hard to actually do it (and twice as hard is just for starters).

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Using Your Copier to Streamline Your Legal Workflow

Scan, classify, and upload case materials directly into a document repository from your copier’s touchscreen – for use all over the world.

Using your multifunction copier to remove paper from a business process extends the value of your copier to your business. For the legal industry, being able to access digital version of case matters saves time shuffling paper and means more time serving clients.

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The Case for Securing Documents: Paper and Digital

61% of data breaches within companies of less than 500 employees involve paper records.*

Are you counting how much paper and how many employees are in your office right now?

Imagine your law firm in the news – not because you’ve just won a high profile case, but because you’ve experienced a data breach. Worse, that data breach was caused by something simple – like mistakenly throwing away older case files into the dumpster or one of your lawyers losing his briefcase in Starbucks, with client information written on his two legal pads inside that briefcase.

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Keep Calm and Copy On With a Copier Service Partner

You rely on copiers to keep your law office’s document production moving. When they break, you need a service partner that can help you copy on.

You are the behind-the-scenes glue holding your law firm’s practice together. Most days, you don’t feel like an office manager but like a triage doctor, prioritizing what needs to be done first. Only you also have the fun task of handling (some) lawyer’s outsized egos as well.

You’re up early. You stay late. You don’t have time to handle everything – nor should you.

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