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Did You Know: Your Print Job Can “Follow You”

Play follow the leader with your print jobs on any of your office’s networked copiers.

Called pull, push, or follow me printing; this productivity functionality allows employees to roam the office and print from a convenient device.

Have a large print job, but don’t want to carry it from your desk up two floors to the big conference room? Hit print, select the device closest to your meeting,

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Advanced Training Certifications... Are They Relevant or Just Chatter?

The study found that seventy-four percent (74%) of employees felt they were asked to do things on the job for which they were not properly trained.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, so you say you've got advanced service training certification(s)—so what. If those certifications were worth their salt, everyone would be pursuing achievement, touting the distinction, and donning the emblems."—Naysayers International

As it stands, many service providers don’t seem interested (or perhaps capable) unless such certifications are required or mandatory by the suppliers and manufacturers they represent. Mandatory certifications may ensure compliance but not necessarily commitment to learning—which is the point. The fact is the vast majority of advanced technical training certifications in arenas like the copier industry are dealer-voluntary. So what does it say about those who don’t voluntarily participate in them? Whether cost, commitment or perceived lack of value from, oh the way, the OEM, we think that's a pretty revealing question.

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IT Security Breaches—It's Not Always The Bad Apple

81% of the respondents reported that negligent employees or other insiders have been responsible for at least one unintentional data breach within their organizations over the past two years. - The Human Factor in Data Protection Study¹

While companies will always be fearful of the malicious ‘bad apple’ employee, numerous studies have shown that most internal security breaches are accidental or unintentional; mostly a result of clever phishing tactics. Phishing is a scam featuring a malicious program posing as legitimate – an email seemingly sent by someone in your contacts, but the actual address is unfamiliar. Inadvertently, a well-meaning employee could succumb to such a scam by not realizing that something isn’t right. By properly identifying these causes, companies can not only inform employees of the risks, but can also reduce their exposure to these cyber-attacks. If employers take the time to educate employees on how to identify these threats, small business with limited resources can drastically reduce their own exposure at little to no additional cost.

“We have met the enemy and he is us.” – Walt Kelly

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Crying, Tipping Points, and Apps – Our Top 5 Posts from 2015

Our 5 most popular posts from 2015, including how to avoid being scammed online.

I hope your new year is off to a fantastic start.

As we all dig into a new year, here are a few of our greatest hits from last year.

Whether you’re revisiting them or seeing these for the first time, thank you for reading. All of us here at Datamax look forward to helping you reach your business goals this year.

1. A Crying Shame – Scams, Cons, and Ripoffs from the Internet

We must be vigilant regarding the Internet Con Artist because eventually we will be confronted with his scams.

Did You Know: PDFs Can Be Searchable

A quick overview of searchable PDF and why it's useful.

You’ve probably read a PDF document at some point in the past week – whether for work or as an online menu, product guide, ebook, etc. Reading through a long PDF document to find the single nugget of information you want can be tedious and time-consuming.

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