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Why Digital Copiers Are A Security Time Bomb

Your copier’s hard drive could be a digital time bomb unless properly secured. 

Your copier is hiding something from you – its hard drive.  

These hidden hard drives in copiers prevalent since 2002 store images of every document that’s ever been copied, scanned, or emailed. This data remains stored on the hard drive until the drive becomes full then the old data is overwritten, but there’s always the potential for sensitive information to be stored on your copier’s hard drive. Though that copier in the corner of the office may appear innocent, it is ripe for hacking – and they are often overlooked. 

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Find and Use Office Documents: The Basics

Find your documents when you need them through smart use of document management technology.

How often have you been frustrated by not being able to find the correct version of an important document? Or spent 30 minutes flipping through manila folders in a file cabinet looking for a misfiled customer invoice? 

Using documents to get your work done doesn’t have to be that frustrating.

Business success today is inextricably linked to the ability to find the right information (or even have that information proactively delivered to you) when you need it. 

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Service Level Communications—The New Network Management Paradigm

Poor communication?  In the top three?  Really? That's not a misprint ... poor communication.

There are many benefits from embracing this new network management paradigm: improved uptime, enhanced customer service and end user support, more efficient operations, and improved budget management to name a few. These benefits are realistic and attainable, yet many managed service providers struggle to deliver the promised benefits. Given the advantages provided by new technology, what else is required to be successful providing managed network services? Experience in the marketplace has shown that companies will fire technology service providers primarily for one of three reasons:

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You, Your Copier Service Provider, and Peanut Butter and Chocolate

When you’re looking for a copier service provider (or whatever kind of service provider) to help you run your business, you need a partner – not just someone who’s only interested in selling you something.

Reliable copier service providers and a solid relationship go together like peanut butter and chocolate. You're willing to consume the calories, but you want it to be worth it. Like a peanut butter cup. When it comes to a service provider and a relationship there's not much differenceI – if you’re going to find one, you want it to be the right one.

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Speed of Service Equals Copier Uptime Equals Better Productivity

When office equipment experiences downtime, so does your office. Accurate, fast service puts you and your equipment back to work.


Remember the simple ringer on the counter of a hotel desk or in a store? A quick press on the bell, a ringing “ding!” sound, and you’d almost always hear a “Be right with you” from somewhere in the store. Service was on the way and you were satisfied.

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Did You Know: Your Copier Can Scan to the Cloud

Use your office copier to scan documents directly to cloud storage for quick and simple access later.

Even if you don’t follow technology at all, you’ve heard of “the cloud.” Often mentioned with a touch of reverence and a hint that the cloud will solve your technology challenges, cloud services really can bring huge personal and business productivity improvements when used correctly. 

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You Could Be A Sitting Duck For Hackers – Here’s Why

Any device that can access your network is a potential security loophole. Close it.

Look around your office. How many printers, scanners, copiers, computers, laptops, webcams, tablets, and smartphones do you see? Every one of them is a ripe target for hackers. 

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8 Unexpected Ways Printing Wastes Money and Time

Learning more about how selecting the right mix of office equipment will make your life easier and save your office money is a good first step.

You can save up to 30% of your printing costs by partnering with a managed print services (MPS) provider. This is a commonly accepted and used statistic based on research from industry analyst Gartner.

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Rules-based Printing and Bulging Bottom Lines

A rules-based printing strategy can get you on the route to a bulging bottom line.

Though we are interacting with information more and more online (PC, tablets, and phones), the need to print paper documents is still there. So, the question now becomes not whether or not you need to print, but how do you print in order to:

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