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Documents at Your Fingertips

Documents are stored in a central location – allowing anyone to find, read, and update (all with proper permissions and authorization) documents when needed. 

If you have been in the following position, consider document management.

A potential client has moved their timeline up a week and you need to find a contract proposal – immediately. But, Todd's been working on it and he hasn't shared it yet – assuming he’s even created a draft – and you don't have a copy.

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Multitasking - A Productivity Myth

Undertaking and trying to accomplish multiple tasks all at once is actually making all of us less effective.

“Focus, Daniel-San!” and “Look eye. Always look eye.” Remember Mr. Miyagi telling Daniel that in the Karate Kid? Bet nobody knew Mr. Miyagi was also offering great advice for business productivity!

You’re busy. And being as busy as you are, it’s important to focus. 

Multitasking, for some, is associated with a badge of honor. We like to say and feel like, “I can do it all.” And it’s a commendable skill – the ability to juggle multiple tasks and get them done.

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