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The Change Management Factor ... How To Achieve MPS Roll Out Success

A successful MPS roll out depends on a change management strategy and a partner who understands its value.

Change is a common word that affects everyone and is something we're experiencing more and more every day. Change not only impacts people, but businesses and organizations of all types as well. If a company doesn’t embrace and handle well the changes it faces or the changes it needs, it could be headed down a troubled road. Oftentimes you will hear about the need for “change management” around the office and may wonder what does it really mean? At its core, change management is an approach of

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NPS ... A Straightforward Metric For Customer Satisfaction

The key to the Net Promoter Score® is to have a persistent focus and pulse on what your customers really want.

As a company leader, you may often contemplate ... "What's the best approach for properly measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty?" According to the Harvard Business Review¹, surveys used to obtain measurements of client satisfaction and retention in many industries provide ambiguous indications of customer loyalty. It is felt that most surveys, and questions therein, are not particularly useful. They're often long and complicated, yielding low response rates and feedback that can be difficult for management to act upon. Such ambiguity creates complexity and the stress of

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