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Printing is one of the least audited expenses in business today. While most companies actively negotiate the price they pay for printing technologies, few actually assess and manage the costs of supplies and maintenance—which comprise the vast majority of print expenditures. As a result, total printing costs are rising dramatically for many companies, often consuming up to three percent (3%) of annual revenues. 

At Datamax, we know that significant improvement opportunities exist for most organizations when it comes to managing their printing.  The Datamax Print Cost Audit (PCA)™ and Limited Print Cost Audit (LPCA)™ are engagement tools we use to help companies develop effective, enterprise-wide print management strategies for controlling their print costs.  Our Print Cost Audits empower companies to make a noteworthy impact on IT, the environment (DatamaxGreen) and profitability.

Impact on Information Technology

  • “IT spends 15% of their time on printing-related issues.”  Source: IDC
  • “23% of help desk calls are printer related.”  Source: IDC
  • “90% of companies do not track printing costs.”  Source: Buyers Laboratory
    Datamax helps companies refocus on core IT initiatives, reduce help desk calls, and increase print intelligence.

Impact on the Environment

  • Approximately 3 quarts of oil are consumed in the production of a single new toner cartridge.
  • An HP Study shows that a Fortune 500 company can save 800 tons of paper per year, at an annual savings of $7.7M by configuring printer defaults to duplex printing.
  • The Department of Energy states that customers are losing 66% of their energy consumption on evenings and weekends by not turning IT equipment off.
    Datamax coaches companies to use recycled toner cartridges, reduce paper usage and waste, and minimize power consumption.

Impact on Profitability

  • “Hard, visible costs are only about 10% of the total document cost.”  Source: ALL Associates Group
  • “Companies spend 1-3% of their revenue per year on output fleet management.”  Source: Gartner Group
  • “Companies can lower their printing costs by up to 30%.”  Source: IDC
    Datamax empowers companies to increase cost visibility, improve asset management and consistently reclaim the bottom-line.

Why not put our managed print consulting experience to work for you? If you’d like to discover the economics of your current printing practices and how much your company could be saving with Datamax Managed Print Services (MPS), please call 1.800.633.1526 or request more information online. Also, be sure to read our MPS White Paper, Managed Print: You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure.