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Mobile Workforce Planning

Datamax helps some of today’s most successful companies provide top-notch services through the deployment of efficient mobile workforces. We work with businesses to integrate mobile devices into their day-to-day operations—delivering measurable impact on overall productivity and ensuring around-the-clock access to time-sensitive data.

Our solutions allow companies to:

  • Improve communication by incorporating handheld mobile technologies that give workers a simpler way to stay in constant communication with each other and, most importantly, with customers.
  • Benefit from an all-in-one device that serves as both a phone and a computer. On-the-spot access to applications such as voicemail, email and instant messaging results in faster response times and superior customer service.
  • Feel confident with advanced security features such as data encryption and login protection—and if a device is lost or stolen, the stored information can easily be wiped clean from a remote location.
  • Choose from a selection of applications that are custom-tailored to meet the evolving needs of any business and can be easily managed by even the least tech-savvy individuals.

Datamax can help you develop and implement a mobile workforce plan that is uniquely customized to help your company reach its utmost performance. For more information regarding Mobile Workforce Planning, please call 1.800.633.1526 or request more information online.