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Requirements Definition

Every company has its own unique way of handling documents, but few know if their document processing strategies are truly optimized. The Datamax document management-focused requirements definition project helps companies determine how they can increase operating efficiency by modifying existing business processes and implementing document management technology.

Datamax’s requirements definition projects include the following activities:

  • Interviewing key stakeholders in order to align business objectives and corporate vision with document management solutions.
  • Analyzing current document handling strategies to spot possible weaknesses in the distribution of paper-based information.
  • Assessing document storage processes and their role in ensuring secure records-keeping as well as legal compliance.
  • Examining existing IT infrastructures and detailing the necessary hardware and software specifications to support document management initiatives.
  • Developing in-depth descriptions of professional recommendations and cost estimates for implementing projects.

To learn more about how Datamax’s document management-focused requirements definition project can prepare your company for more streamlined management of corporate documents, please call 1.800.633.1526 or request more information online.