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Document Workflow Optimization

Even in an increasingly digital world, paper documents are still the backbone of business operations. They’re filed away, copied, faxed, hunted for and transported from place to place—manual tasks that are not only inefficient, but downright costly.  In fact, some companies have entire departments and workflows that are solely dedicated to processing the information contained on a single form.

Datamax document workflow optimization solutions enable companies to make productive use of business-critical information, utilizing software to put an end to manual paper shuffling.  Documents become easily accessible and capable of being automatically routed to the appropriate destination, allowing employees to become more efficient and make better use of their time.

Our document workflow optimization solutions also empower companies to:

  • Automate document-driven work processes
  • Employ efficient, flexible and secure rules-based routing and monitoring
  • Improve productivity and accountability with automatic notifications
  • Distribute documents evenly among team members with workload balancing

To discover how Datamax can help your company optimize document workflow and maximize productivity, please call 1.800.633.1526 or request more information online.